Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Venting - Lohan Sues Etrade for $100 Million, What?!

Okay, I don't usually read celebrity crud, but there was this article on my homepage staring me in the face. 

Lindsay Lohan is suing Etrade for a really funny commercial (the Milkaholic Baby one) because they used her first name!  Not just suing, but suing for $100 Million Dollars!!!  She thinks that Lindsay is in the same category as Oprah, Cher, and Madonna.  Yeah right!  And she thinks her pain and suffering for this commercial is worth $100 Million.  My head is going to explode.

Wow, just wow.  I like that Superbowl commercial and I never once thought it had anything to do with her. 

I wasn't a fan before and now I will actively avoid whatever she's associated with...what does she do now, movies or music?


  1. Sounds like she might be low on money and hoping for some kind of settlement.

  2. Yeah...her drugs ran off with her money...