Yakezie Member List


Financial Samurai started the Yakezie Alexa Ranking Challenge to bring bloggers together for the common goal of hitting an Alexa ranking of 200,000 or less. 

Alexa is a website that has developed an uber-ranking system based on visits to sites by people with the Alexa toolbar.  This toolbar is free and can be downloaded here if you'd like to join this ranking community. 

When a blogger hits a ranking of 200,000 or below, it's considered prestigious and many good things start to happen.  Please take a look at Financial Samurai's more detailed explanation above or here since I'm not doing it justice.

Yakezie Member List:

151 Days Off
20s Money
Beating Broke
Bible Debt
Bible Money Matters
Blog Income Life
Bucksome Boomer
Budgeting in the Fun Stuff
Budgets Are Sexy
Canadian Finance Blog
Car Negotiation Coach
Chasing Prosperity
Cool to be Frugal
Couple Money
Credit Card Chaser
Deliver Away Debt
Divine & Debt Free
Downturn Living
Early Retirement Extreme
Eliminate The Muda!
Enemy Of Debt
Engineer Your Finances
Evolution of Wealth
Financial Samurai
Financially Poor
Fiscal Fizzle
Foreigners Finances
Free From Broke
Frugal Confessions
Joe Tax Payer
Learn Save Invest
Little House in the Valley
Miss Thrifty
Money Beagle
Money Crush
Money Funk
Money Reasons
My Budgetting
My Journey to Millions
Narrow Bridge
Out of Debt Again
Personal Finance Ninja
Personal Finance Student
Planting Dollars
Punch Debt in the Face
Rainy-Day Saver
Retirement Investing Today
Saving Money Today
Simple Life in France
Stay at Home Mom CFO
Suburban Dollar
Sustainable Life Blog
Sweating the Big Stuff
The Amateur Financier
Ultimate Money Blog
Wealth Pilgrim
Well-Heeled Blog
Young and Thrifty

If you are a Yakezie member and don't see yourself on this list, please shoot me an email.  Thanks!