Thursday, March 18, 2010

Charity Work - Does it Count?

I’ve read a bunch of blogs that bring up tithing. I’ve read others that simply put a strong emphasis on monetary donations. I’ve even been judged since we donate so little actual money every year. That is true. We don’t tithe and we don’t donate much money (<$200 a year in cash), but we do contribute to society through charity work.

My husband and I are foster parents for Pughearts: Houston Pug Rescue (although we have taken a break while he completes graduate school). I volunteer regularly at the Houston SPCA. Hubby will occasionally officiate basketball games for free if there is a school in need.

In short, we donate time. This allows us to help without slowing down our progress towards our personal financial goals like early retirement. Plus, it is way more fun to me than writing a check!

What do you think? Is donating money better than donating time? Do you like one over the other? What charities are you involved in either way?


  1. Actually I see donating time as more valuable than money, in most cases. I wish I could donate more of both, but right now all I can do is contribute some money. I'm not rich, I'm not even financially set, but with only a mortgage left (and working on it) most months I've got a little money to spare. What I don't have is time. I work long hours, shifts and often extras on weekends, my "free" time is more precious than gold to me.

    Make a quick calculation of the time you give and a "reasonable" hourly wage for the activity and you'll see how precious people who give their time are. It takes what, 30 seconds to write a check for 100euros? How many hours of football coaching or dog walking is that? LOTS!!!!

    Although I haven't done it yet, I am set to spend some of my holidays in far off locales working for the likes of Habitat for Humanity. I have no one to share my holidays with any more, so I'm looking forward to some hard physical labour and some new friends, all wrapped up in exotic surroundings.

    It may not be this year but it'll come soon. And I'm sure they will be my best holidays ever!

  2. Hi, I found your blog from GRS. Looks very good! You can check out my blog too.

  3. Mylena, I think that your monetary donations are just as important as my donated time. In my low stress life, my time is not worth as much to me. In your life, as you said, your free time is priceless and these organizations need money to operate anyway. Between our two contributions, charity organizations can continue to thrive. I say yay for both of us!

    Habitat for Humanity “vacations” sound like a fantastic idea! I hope you get to follow through on that soon and tell us how great it was!

    If you’re ever in the Houston area, you’re more than welcome to share your holidays with us…as long as you don’t mind gaining 5 pounds from Texan home-cookin’. :-)

  4. I'm in the donating time camp right now. I've been going to the Red Cross for about 10 years now a doing a Pheresis donation. Takes about 2 hours to do and I try and get there once a month. When I have my emergency fund where I want it, my plan is to use the money I was setting aside for that for charity. I'm of the opinion though, as long as you do something, monetary or time, for charity then you're good.

  5. MikeS, I donate blood too! My veins are a pain for the automatic machine, but I can donate like normal.

  6. Whatever you give, time, money or even a donor ... as long as you do it with all your heart without expecting anything in return is valuable.

  7. Christina, thanks, I completely agree. :-)