Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Guest Post at Studenomics – How to Buy a Car

Just wanted to say a quick thank you to MD over at Studenomics for inviting me to guest post!

Feel free to take a look at “How to Buy a Car – What You Need to Know so You Don’t Get Ripped Off” to see my take on the car buying experience.

I have been working with finance managers for car dealerships for about 5 years, so this is experience talking.  Please feel free to contact me with specific questions since one blog post is not enough to fit everything in that I have learned.  :-)

Thanks again to MD!


  1. Crystal--
    How much better I would have done with my last two very recent auto purchases if I had only been able to have this helpful post at the time! Oh, well. Plenty of folks out there will benefit!

    BTW--Love this site, both the content and the design aesthetics. However, you may want to see about reducing the contrast effect from the black background; it causes a bit of eyestrain and I want to be able to 'stay tuned' for much longer than my eyes will alow... Thanks (I'm sure you may have already had this pointed out to you).

  2. Sorry, typo above: change alow to "allow"...should have previewed!

  3. Holly,
    Thanks for the support!

    Yeah, I've recently come across several personal finance articles that would have helped me out years ago...I understand that tiny feeling of "darn".

    I've had one other person mention the black background. The funny thing is that I picked it to reduce eyestrain for me...all my other stuff is on stark white and gives me headaches. I find myself at a weird impasse.

    My hope was that Google would let the readers "change" the background for their individual preferences. Since that didn't work out, I'm trying to think of a good compromise. I'll see what other options I'll definitely be able to tell if I pick something new. :-)

    PS Typos happen a bunch to me...sadly, I'm allowed to delete a comment but not edit it. If you see a note about deleted comments that I actually left, that means I made a mistake that really annoyed me and just trashed it. :-)

  4. Holly,
    I've added a poll to see what everyone would prefer for the background...thought it would be fun! Be sure to vote. :-)