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You are reading the musings of a late-twenties, very happily married woman who is the definition of middle-class.  My husband and I live in Houston, TX with our two dogs. 

We were both raised by financially savvy parents who thankfully taught us the ins and outs of personal finance early on.  We haven't suffered from the "normal" financial dilemmas, but finances are constantly on my mind.  I see money as a tool that is used to provide for our needs, our future, and the fun stuff in between.

To keep your interest, I'll update our Monthly Budget as it changes and post a monthly update on our Net Worth as well. I'll also use real numbers as often as possible in all of my posts.

I have no financial certifications, but I have an abundance of opinions. I hope you do too since a blog is only as fun as the commenters! Honestly, I love to see your opinions and questions, so please comment when the mood strikes!

Thanks again for visiting.  I hope you enjoy the site.

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