Friday, May 28, 2010

Fit in a Fun Friday - Bowling

My company just had its annual bowling tournament a few weeks ago.  My husband and I lost as usual, but we do have fun.  Bowling is just a mellow game.  How can you not enjoy good burgers and taking your frustrations out on a bunch of pins?

Until the non-smoking laws were passed a couple of years ago, my asthma caused us to avoid bowling alleys most of the time except for non-smoking bowling leagues.  Hubby even bought me a personalized cherry-scented bowling ball for a Valentine's Day a few years ago.  It's red and black, has my name on it, and still has a scent.  :-)

Now we can go bowling whenever and even take advantage of Friday and Saturday night specials.  We don't actually bowl very often due to our other hobbies like Curling and blogging, but we are hoping to join a league again next year.

As far as affordability, bowling seems to be about the same price as a dinner-and-a-movie night.  If you take advantage of specials in your area and skip the snack bar, it can be pretty inexpensive.  Sadly, hubby and I are addicted to bowling alley burgers.  We do shell out between $10-$15 a night at the snack bar alone. 

When we are in a league, it's usually $10 or $15 a person and we are able to earn back some of that ($20-$50 a person) through our team's overall scores.  Not too shabby.  :-)

How long has it been since you've been bowling?


  1. It's been a long time for us, but Michigan just passed no smoking in public establishment laws that went into effect on May 1st. I figure most bowling alleys are probably going to need a few months to 'air out' but I would definitely consider this in the future.

  2. You got it Beagle! I will be bowling soon here in Michigan, as soon as the air clears! My kids keep bugging me to go, and we will in the summer I am sure.

    A good burger sounds really good right now, and it isn't even 9 in the morning! I am going to crave it all day now BFS!

  3. Bowling is all the rage for cool college students. At least it was last year. Sadly, many student unions have taken out their bowling alleys. When my son goes back to college next year, I'll find out if bowling is still in.

  4. How long since I bowled?? 10 years. Unlike my brother who's average is oh about 250, mine is closer to 50.

  5. My wife and kids go, but I haven't been bowling in maybe 7 years... I have enjoyed it in the past, even if my score is closer to double digits instead of triple digits :)

    Instead, I'm trying to get my family golfing more. Bowling is definitely great in winter though! In fact, now that I think about it, maybe next winter I'll bowl too!

  6. Money Beagle, good point...wait it out. :-)

  7. My normal score is 100-120, so I understand everybody else's pain, lol.

  8. Oops. sorry BFS forgot to add BillV to the above anyonmous. Still haven't gotten the knack of the "select profile". About that tattoo?

  9. BillV, hahaha. FMF did a post a while back about a guy who got paid $100,000 to change his name to for one year and get a permanent TMS tattoo. I'd do that for $100k. I already had to go through all the name change stuff to get married...I could do that a couple of more times for $100k and suffer through a tattoo.

    You might be happy to know that I'm switching from Blogger to Wordpress on June 5th...commenting should be much easier. :-)

  10. BFS, I love to bowl. We have a bowling alley at work. The special is $1 per game + 0.75 to rent shoes. Otherwise, it's $2 to rent a pair of shoes and less than $3 per game. That being said, I still haven't had a chance to go to the bowling alley at the facility I currently work at because of the kiddos. When they are older, I will take them there.

    There is also an amusement park at work that has mini golf and go kart rides. My work group is having a summer picnic there, but I will be missing it because my husband will be out of town and I don't really feel going in to work while I am out on leave.

    You might also want to check out if you get special discounts from your work. We have certain group buys of amusement park tickets and such through both work and our county parks.

  11. Julie, you have a bowling alley and amusement park at your job?! I don't know what government job you have, but I want it soooo bad! :-)

    My job gets discounts for cars (1.5% above invoice), flower companies (20% off), and electricity (3% off at Gexa), but nothing fun...