Tuesday, May 18, 2010

BFS Site Problems - Are You Having Trouble Leaving Comments?

Hi everybody!

I was replying to comments last week and multiple browser windows started opening and wouldn't stop until I shut down my laptop and restarted. This happened two times in 5 days and I just thought it was my old laptop.

Yesterday I received this email from a reader:

"Hey, I just wanted to check if you know whether anyone else is experiencing this when they comment on your blog. The last couple times I've commented on your blog in IE, it goes crazy afterward opening up tabs and I have to do an end task on IE 7 to get it to stop. If I try to comment on my phone instead, sometimes it doesn't work at all."

I left this problem in the Blogger forum and have posted with the Yakezie bloggers as well.  I apologize if this has caused you any problems.

Have you had this problem when commenting on BFS?  Do you happen to be way techier than me and know what's going on?


  1. I've been a little busy at work the lsat few days, so I haven't commented on anything. When I post this, I'll see if there are any issues.

  2. No problems for me. Everything worked fine.

  3. Just testing out the comments in IE.

  4. So far, so good. Thank you both so much!