Friday, April 16, 2010

Fit in a Fun Friday – Make Your Own Art

I know, you might think you are like me...not craftsy at all.  But you can make awesome art anyway.

Our favorite artwork is a three piece set that we created ourselves for less than $25.

We bought five yards of burlap in three pieces, multiple colors of spray paint, and three cheap wooden frames used to stretch fabric.

Then we went outside, scrunched up the burlap, and spray painted like crazy with one color.  After that, we unscrunched, rescrunched, and sprayed like madmen with a different color. We just repeated that process for 45 minutes until we were really happy with the outcome.

Once they dried, it was easy to staple them onto their soft wood frames.

Even though we have spent a couple of thousand of dollars on other cool art by artists much better than us, those colored burlap pieces are still our favorite.

Here's what we enjoy...says a lot about my insane mind, huh?  Can you imagine what you'd make?


  1. Cool! We did something similar to this but I just bought fabric with a pattern I liked (I had a coupon, of course!) and then my hubby made 3 wooden frames out of wood we had in the garage. Then I stretched the fabric, used a staple gun to secure them, and now we have art for our bedroom :-)

  2. Aurora, that's a fantastic idea too! I've seen some pretty cool patterned fabric before...