Sunday, June 6, 2010

One Big Glitch

To all of my readers,

As you can see, BFS is now a proud Wordpress site!  There may be a few small bugs to work out, but the only one I know of right now is a biggie.  Due to a recent Blogger bug, only 45 comments made it through the migration.  That means that I can see all of your awesome comments at the old Blogger page, but they all did not make it to the new Wordpress site.  I am so sorry and am also upset since I loved seeing all the comments that peppered my posts!

But, feel free to graze over your favorite posts and leave your musings.  If a fix to the bug comes along in the future, I'll be all over it and rescue all our comments from the Blogger abyss.  I'm also looking into cutting and pasting the comments over one by one, but that may take a while.  Until then, I'll just keep churning out interesting posts and we can build a new history together.

Thanks so much for being a part of my online community!


PS  If you have any other problems, please shoot me an email at budgetingfunstuff *at* gmail *dot* com.  I am striving to make this blog as user friendly as possible.  Thanks!

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