Friday, February 26, 2010

Fit in a Fun Friday - Curling...Yes, Curling

My husband has recently thrown himself into Curling. Yes, that's right...Houston man...not much sport...I do see the funny. :-)

For those of you that have not been introduced to this sport, IMHO it's a little like shuffleboard on ice. It requires a lot more coordination and heavy breathing than shuffleboard, but that's the gist on how you score. Here's a more thorough and accurate explanation of the game.

Since my husband was so interested, we found a Curling league in our area and attended a class last weekend. After much cussing, knee bruising, and numb fingers, I realized this was not an activity for me.

On the other hand, my husband was smitten. Think kid in a candy shop - that was my husband after 2 hours of practice. He'll be returning to this painful super fun league this weekend to join up.

On the financial side of this new hobby, he'll be looking at weekly league dues and some equipment costs like shoes ($30-$200 depending on quality and brand) and a Curling broom ($20-$50). 

Thankfully, the league supplies the granite stones that are slid across the ice. They will also let him borrow the basic supplies in the beginning until he's sure this will be long-term.  :-)

Like a bowling league, Curling has 8-12 week leagues that meet once a week. Hubby will be looking at $10-$15 a week depending on the league and he'll probably participate in at least two or three leagues a year.

That's a maximum of $540 a year plus the one-time equipment costs.  Not so bad for a physical activity that he enjoys.

Do you think Curling may be for you? If so, we found the league in our area at the USA Curling site.  You could also try using Google Maps, calling the ice rinks in your area, or searching further online.


  1. I play rec volleyball myself. It's with a group of former coworkers from 2 jobs ago. We usually have a game once a week during the winter (indoors) and summer leagues. Definetly a lot fun and the cost is usually about $25 per season.

  2. Not a bad price at all!

    I remember playing volleyball in middle school...then I broke my pinky toe. Now I only play at family reunions. Are you any good? :-)

    Houston is just too hot for me to get involved in outdoor sports during the summer, but softball is fun in the short spring or fall seasons we do have.

  3. I would say that I'm good enough that they don't throw me off the team, but not good enough for the competitive division.

    Thankfully in the Northeast, summers aren't that bad, so we can still play outdoors. Gives me something else to do other than work.